A lot of Jupiter escort fun with a lot of experiences

Our destination is Jupiter, known for its beaches and known as “beach town”, being an important tourist place, where many celebrities have their home. In an idyllic place with great quality in the places we visit, as well as the daily life of their shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The intention is to discover places where adults can enjoy, both in a relaxed and quiet environment such as a restaurant that transmits comfort, such as night places where you can enjoy the party, the atmosphere and the confluence of people, all in a beach and holiday environment focused on leisure. The pace is a little more relaxed than Miami.

We can visit the places both alone and accompanied, with our partner or friends, always focusing on freedom and without the stress of day-to-day. Being close to the beach always inspires us and evokes the party and have fun, visiting places that make us enjoy the idyllic city of Jupiter and make us want to repeat an experience full of good times.

Then, we can see the most striking places that are worth visiting to determine the beauty of the place or to have a drink.


Guanabanas, Jupiter Florida

1.  Guanabanas

In this restaurant, you will feel in the middle of the jungle. They specialize in all types of seafood that you can find in Florida, such as clams, shrimp, fresh fish, blue crab and Florida lobster. The quality offered is exceptional because of the proximity of the sea, where they get the product that offers totally fresh to the customer.

One of its interesting offers enjoyed by your Jupiter escort is the live music, through which all kinds of regional and national music groups have passed, including the original local Palm Beach musicians.

It is characterized by its lush and tropical surroundings, the excellent cuisine and cocktails it offers, along with live music. It is an open-air bar/restaurant, which has tiki cabins, stone paths and all kinds of flora around it.


The Crafty Crust, Jupiter, Florida

2.  The crafty crust

A good place to eat something fast and cheap, with its thin-crust pizzas in the most classic New York style and with a decent offer of 12 taps beers of craft beer.

It may seem like a simple offer, and it is, but that is the key to a place to stop to regain strength and continue our visit to Jupiter. The low prices, with offers on their menus, will not hurt our pocket and enjoy the care of homemade food in a product as typical as pizza or beer, a combination that we love.


IBar PGA Resort and Spa for your Jupiter Escort

3.  iBar at PGA resort & spa

A place to enjoy both food and rest. With very good treatment and atmosphere, we can feel that we are in a constant happy hour, in which to enjoy the live entertainment dances and a rest area with a patio and pool. It also has a golf course and spa area to enjoy all kinds of activities in a holiday resort.

Live music will have you and any companion you go with, dancing for hours. Their cocktails are strong, of which we especially recommend margaritas and chocolate martinis, very appropriate for a party that will have you on Saturday night on the move.


Abacoa, Amphitheater, Jupiter, Florida

4.  Abacoa town center amphitheatre

A place where you can enjoy the best live music, both day and night, where decorations and light shows are made that will enrich your experience, making it the closest thing to a music concert.

With a large field with grass on which to dance, sit, lie down and with seats near the stage with your Jupiter escort. Food and beverage stalls and even items that can serve as souvenirs of the place are established.

Being an enclosure has security in its surroundings, to establish a safe area, in which to enjoy a good festive atmosphere feeling safe and worry-free.

The Spot Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Florida

5.  The spot palm beach gardens

In this bar, we can enjoy its wide range of wine among other very well-chosen glasses to offer a good repertoire of drinks. It is a small oasis in the style of a bar with billiards and live music.

Closed and dark colors with lights that will make the hours in the place go by without realizing, enjoying the activities it offers.

We can ask all kinds of songs for musicians to play those melodies that we like so much enjoying our drink.

It is ideal for people who go alone or with their Jupiter escort. You can enjoy a conversation with these people at a table or playing billiards or in their different recreational machines that will make us spend a joyful moment between laughs and music.

The places we have visited are of an adult and cheerful atmosphere, among which we can also visit the beach or places that surround a beautiful city such as Jupiter, full of entertainment places, people of all kinds to meet and enjoy a constant atmosphere party.

The ideal place if you want to enjoy your time and vacations with your Jupiter escort. You will want to return to a city that always has something to offer and that is in constant motion because of the number of people that make the city come alive.