Elite Miami Escort Services
by Adrianna Stone

I love a man who knows what he wants.


Stilettos, Lingerie, Pantyhose and Nylons.

I enjoy light fetishes.


To see where I’m going this month, please check my calendar.



At the beginning of our date, please be kind enough to leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in plain view upon your arrival.

Time is for my companionship only.

Deposits & Expenses


All travel and extended time bookings require a 50% deposit in addition to travel expenses, to be paid in advance. Include airfare, hotel costs and Uber transportation fees to and from the airport. An electronic gift card will be needed to book my fly and the location of where we will meet is required.



I understand that emergency occasionally happens. Accepting your request means I am agreeing to be present for our appointment. Understand that our time together is reserved exclusively for you and a last minute cancellation will leave me in a bind. Cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of the full amount of the appointment charge.

Elite Miami Escort Services

Life in Miami Florida as we know it is always an enthralling one, whether you are a full-blown resident or you simply love to visit the city to explore its allures. There is no denying the fact that Miami is, indeed, a magical destination to visit. A true paradise – in every sense of the word – filled with exquisite beaches, stunning sunsets dripping over inspirational beach sands, remarkable dining, elegant galleries, bustling and frisky nightclubs, and of course, memorable museums that are bound to leave you astounded.

However, as great as a visit to Miami might be, it is never complete without an escort tagging along. Maybe you are looking to catch up with some celebrities, or you simply want to enjoy all that Miami has to offer, the fact remains that you’re always going to need an elite Miami escort. From chaperoning your exploration to making your entire vacation worthwhile, having an elite Miami escort is, no doubt, a luxury you cannot afford not to have.

In this light, I present to you the best independent escort in the whole of Miami for all your Miami gratification – Adrianna Stone. Having been attending to the desires of several clients over the years, I believe I’m now in such good stead to make your Miami exploration all the more mesmerizing with my unparalleled understanding of the city, and an ample collection of awesome sensual packages.

Here is why you need elite Miami escort services

· Good Company

If not for any other reason, at least you should know that you’ll be needing the best company you can get as you move through the beauties of Miami. Are you on a vacation? A tour of Miami? Or a weekend getaway? Whatever the case may be, you can always count on the services of an elite escort like Adrianna Stone. As much as I hate to break it to you, without an independent escort service, your trip to Miami may not be as intriguing as you may have hoped. But with Adrianna Stone, you can expect nothing short of a pleasant stay because I know exactly what to do to keep you entertained the entire time. 

· Maintain appearances

What could be more resplendent than to make a dramatic entrance into a beach or a nightclub in Miami with a gorgeous lady by your side? It is quite simple, having a tasteful lady as your company can help you make all the impressions you desire.

· Satisfaction

What is a tour of Miami without a taste of its gal? With an independent escort like Adrianna Stone, you save yourself the stress of having to court or impress a girl. My services will ensure that you get all the satisfaction you may desire, including your fantasies and imagination.

Adrianna Stone: Your ultimate elite Miami escort

Safety and Privacy

Are you interested in exploring the world of Miami and its escorts but you are worried that it might not be safe enough or that you risk being caught in the act? Well, I’m glad to inform you that I am a true professional and I go about my profession in the best way possible. No safety issue, no harassment concern, and above all no intrusion.

Independent escort

I understand how important it is for visitors and tourists alike to get their escorts right before they touch down in Miami, and as a result, many would prefer to work with an independent escort outright, instead of getting an escort through an agency. Being an independent elite escort in Miami, I offer you the best of everything every time and everywhere in Miami.

I save you the extra costs of booking through an agency and the unfortunate possibility of not getting the escort services you’ve ordered for. But like every precious thing in life, I recommend that you book my services ahead of your arrival in Miami because you wouldn’t expect a beautiful lady – with a gorgeous body like mine – to stay too long unattended to.

You get what you book

Would you like to relax on the Miami Beach, rock the nightclub, or visit the museum with your elite Miami escort dressed in all lingerie, stilettos, pantyhose, nylons, or any other befitting outfit? If so, Adrianna Stone remains your best option. I entertain outfit requests of any kind so long as it helps my client make his dramatic entrance.