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Top Rated Hotels In Miami

Are you planning to travel to Miami and you’re wondering which are the best hotels in Miami that match your needs? Maybe you are from Miami and just need a luxury getaway for a night or two for our meeting. Worry no more! I have the right answer for you in this guide.

Miami allows visitors to access a variety of activities. Here, you’ll enjoy a variety of things from the trendy nightlife while in the South to the colorful bustle while at Calle Ocho. Also, you can have a great shopping experience at Coconut Grove’s quirky boutiques. Therefore, Miami remains the best holiday destination for most people because of the variety of outdoor pursuits such as sailing and golf, buzzing nightlife, beautiful sun-kissed beaches, art déco architecture, and a booming art scene.

Miami City is an ultimate destination full of inventive cuisine, essential in creating a creative culinary scene. The city is unique since it comes alive when the sun sets. Other than this, your visit to this city can’t be complete without enjoying in the plush rooftop bars or the salsa dance halls where I can show you my moves and maybe teach you a few steps.

Miami also has a wide range of hotels to choose from. Therefore, it’s challenging to differentiate between the best and the worst hotel. Hesitate no more! In this article, you’ll get information on the best hotels in Miami. Moreover, I will take you through the primary services that these hotels offer.

Let’s start!

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is one of the top-rated hotels in Miami located on a distinctive island. It’s one of the most famous hotels in Miami that features a world-class spa and high-end restaurant.

This hotel is the most preferred because it offers beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. Other than this, the hotel’s lobby bar and outdoor dining venue provide a buzzing after-work multitude. The guests also get an opportunity to soak up the South Beach scene’s sun because of the ideal atmosphere created by the hotel’s stylish pool and human-made beach.

Other than this, all the rooms in this hotel feature classic furnishings and furnished luxurious items. For the furnishings, they’re designed with moderate honey and cream tones. Also, guests have access to spacious accommodation, which entails marble bathrooms featuring soaking tubs. Large terraces are also other features making these rooms attractive.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is another great hotel in Miami, initially identified as the Surf Club. This 12-story glass tower is also one of the luxury resorts in Miami that brings some charm of the Old Florida back to Surfside.

Four Seasons is the most preferred since it provides sublime rooms, whereby each of them features a white push bed at the center and a luxurious finish. Other than this, this resort offers the most recommendable facility and services.

Other attractive offerings by this hotel include a pool, restaurants, fitness center, bar, parking, laundry, and many more. Another most rated facility provided by this resort is the atmospheric Shiseido Spa. Furthermore, the guests can get a great dining experience because of the served by this hotel. Finally, the hotel is the most recommendable of its staff members who’re efficient and courteous.

EAST, Miami

EAST, Miami is a sparkling hotel situated at the center of Brickell. It features floor-to-ceiling windows and design of the East-meets-West form. The resort is a good representation of the Chinese culture because of its clean and spare layout. However, it also acts as a cultural melting pot, where it represents the Miami reputation.

It’s the most preferred because of its top-notch services and facility, which include laundry, restaurant, room service, pool, and bar. Considering the hotel’s rooms, they comprise 89 residential suites, which feature three bedrooms, laundry, and fully equipped kitchens.

Other than this, EAST, Miami is the best option for everyone because of its excellent drinks and food. Additionally, the guests can enjoy all the superb from the hotel’s main restaurant, identified as Quinto La Huella.

Faena Hotel

Faena Hotel is the best hotel for everyone who’s looking for a hotel with a friendly feeling. It’s a luxurious hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and also situated in the Faena District.  Also, it’s the most preferred resort by many visitors since features the theatrical fantasia look. Other than this, this hotel is one of the most beautiful resorts in Miami because of its coverage of a tiger, gold, and red print. The dusting of beautiful contemporary art is also another reason behind its stunning design.

Faena Hotel remains amongst the most recommendable resorts in Miami because of the facilities and services which are of high standards. Within this hotel, you’ll enjoy top-rated room services, a steam room, a fitness center, a pool, and a bar.

This hotel is the best option if you’re looking for one that will provide you with a home feeling. Other than this, this hotel is the place to be if you want to enjoy the most delicious food and drinks. Other recommendable services in this resort include exceptional cocktails and master chefs who offer excellent meals.

Finally, the Faena Hotel in Miami should be an option if you want to get a value for your money.

SLS Brickell Hotel

SLS Brickell hotel is a fancy glass tower featuring impressive trendy art collection and fantastic interiors. It’s a spacious resort for everyone’s desire situated at the center of the financial district in Miami.

SLS Brickell Hotel is amongst the most recommendable hotels in Miami because it offers friendly services. The professional staff is also another reason that attracts many visitors to this resort. Furthermore, while in this resort, visitors can enjoy plenty of the hotel’s facilities such as a fitness center, laundry, and sauna.

This hotel remains the most preferred because of its rooms that feature a modern and spacious cover that occur in different colors such as white, slate, and pale pink. Award-winning chefs also play an essential role in making this hotel the best option for everyone’s desires and needs. They serve the most delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurants, which include Fi’lia and Bazaar Mar.


How the Rich Live in Florida

Take a closer look at the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous in Miami, Florida

Most of us dream about living a very luxurious and stress-free life in which we would be able to learn a lot of money without having to worry about the time that we have left to live, about paying our bills, rent, taxes, etc. At times our life becomes too much for us and we just want to know how others do it.

First of all, we have to define what does being “rich” mean in Miami, Florida. You can buy different things with the same amount of money all around the world, and, Miami is very expensive, so keep that in mind.

In order to be considered a rich person in Miami, you should be earning more than $102,724 per year. In case you want to be part of the top 1 percent of all Florida you should be earning more than $385,410. The median income in Miami is $51,362.

You definitely need to earn a lot of money in order to be considered as “rich” in Miami, but what would you actually do with so much money there? You might not know it yet, but after analyzing how other people live in some of the richest places of Miami you will, for sure, know perfectly where you would spend your money on.

Where do rich people live in Miami?

If you want to take a closer look at how the rich and the famous spend their time you should definitely visit Fisher Island. You can get to the island by taking a short ferry ride. You can do it in your car or without it.

Before arriving on the island you’re going to be asked several questions in order for them to know who you are and verify your identity. Even before you get to Fisher Island things are already very exclusive.

Once you are in Fisher Island you can do plenty of fun things and experience several situations that are going to want to make you come back to Miami over and over again. You can take celebrity home cruises, have parties on boats and even have a seaplane tour. There are definitely no limits.

Not only Miami Beach is a very exclusive place go to, but there are also some other places that the rich and famous like to choose as their homes. The south of Florida is also a very popular destination.

Fisher Island is definitely the number one place in which the rich and famous people live with a median home price of $5.6 million and a median household income of $62K. This southern beach is definitely expensive.

In the second place, we have Coral Gables. The median price of the properties is $3.8 million, and the median household income is $89K. Finally, the third spot goes to Key Biscayne where the median price of a house is $2.3K and the median household income is $105K.

How do the rich and famous live in Miami?

They do everything that they can in order to have fun. People in Miami have so much money that even though the prices of the city are very high it still doesn’t matter because they keep on earning a lot of money every single day.

  1. Penthouses

The number one thing that everyone in Miami that is wealthy will eventually buy is a house. You can find houses in Miami Beach anywhere from one million dollars up to fifty million dollars.

If you consider that it is a pretty small island you would be surprised to notice that the prices of the houses are extremely expensive.

When you walk beside this huge and incredibly luxurious houses you really feel impressed and start to think about what all of that money represents, because the houses that you can find in Miami Beach are the ones that you would find in a luxury magazine catalog.

People buy houses in Miami at times not because they need them, but because they want to show other people how wealthy they are. They really want other people to see how much money they have, which is great because we can now see how exactly these people live.


  1. Boats

Boats, cruises, ships, yachts, etc. People like owning these things. Why? Primarily because you can make really good parties in a yacht. Just think about it, if you were that rich, wouldn’t you want to have dozens of parties in your yacht? Of course you would!

If you earn a lot of money is because you want to live a life that you can enjoy, and you’re not going to enjoy life if you’re not able to spend your money freely in a way that you would want to.


  1. Parties

Rich, successful, wealthy and famous people in Miami are constantly assisting to different events and parties. They not only want to have fun, they also want to meet people, become more known. They want to be remembered as social and interesting beings.

The rich and famous are always on the move. Don’t expect them to stay at home on Friday night, not at all, they’re going to have fun all night long while they are maintaining their fantastic reputation.

  1. Fancy restaurants

You might be thinking that restaurants aren’t that expensive if you earn a lot of money, but we’re not talking about paying $30 for a plate, we’re talking about $100 or even $300 for a single plate. The restaurant prices in Miami are very expensive, and rich people like to go there very frequently.


  1. Luxury shops

Miami is full of designer stores such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Chanel, etc. All of these brands are available throughout the island. Rich people go into those stores and leave the shops with plenty of bags full of expensive clothing, purses and shoes. If you think about it and go to Chanel to buy a bag, the bag might cost $5000, which, could be much more than your monthly salary.

  1. Elite Miami Escorts

The rich in Miami often delight in the pleasuarble avails of Elite Miami Escorts. As an elite Miami escort, I would love to show you this amazing city from my viewpoint, as only a Latina escort in Miami can. You have not spent a day or a night in Miami until you’ve spent it with me. You’ll have a Miami experience you will never forget.

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