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Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tourisng Upscale Blonde Escort, Fort LauderdaleAre you looking for the best beaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Ah, how one can have enough when it comes to choosing the one best beach in Fort Lauderdale. Trust me; Florida is heaven on earth. The beaches here are genuinely love or can say a true definition of a beach. The beaches here are famous all over the world for their immense beauty and a plethora of fun they offer to visitors with their Fort Lauderdale upscale blonde escort.

When I am not touring as an upscale, blonde escort, I like to spend my free time at many of these beaches. This summer, if you are planning to spend your vacations at one of the best beaches in Fort Lauderdale, then I believe you are not going to regret your decision.

I have gathered a list of top beaches to soak up the sun, play beach volleyball with friends, and roll in the sand. All the mentioned below beaches are famous, and the best ones. So, all you need is to read about each beach and choose the one that attracts you more. I promise after reading this; you will surely decide on one of the beaches for sure. So, continue reading this article because I have a lot to share with you.

List of the Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale Loved by this Touring Upscale Blonde Escort

1.    Hallandale Beach:

Hey, don’t be distracted by the endless beauty of South Florida and your upscale blonde escort. Nature is abundant here. Whether it is about the Oceanside estates or the natural scenic, everything is mesmerizing, soothing to eyes. Where there are so many beautiful places, Hallandale is one of them. Yeah, this beach is one of its kinds. This village-like heaven is the miracle of God. From crushing sound of waves to sweet singing seabirds’ voices, from one mile tranquil to the pristine coastline, everything is plentiful, wonderful, and fascinating here.

All the beachgoers here can get fun of seeing cozy chickee huts give a pleasant lull feel, while playgrounds allow you to have fun with friends. You can play bocce ball, can rent a Kawasaki boat to trip the salty water. It offers plenty of food for an afternoon adventure. Visit it during lunchtime, you can have a variety of scrumptious snacks form the seaside stand.

2.    North Ocean Park:

The next is the exotic breath-taking beach— The North Ocean Park, which is famous for its simple and beautiful coastline. With its ingress located at Northeast 16th street off of A1A Pompano beach, the beachgoers, snorkeler can frolic in the warm sand and crystal-clear water. Everything is copious here, from picturesque views to the super-simple and attractive coastline, everything looks at its peak. Wherever you see, you will find beauty everywhere. It is also famous because it is designated as a stunning beach for wind-driven instruments. The landscape always remains filled with colorful high-flying kites and outdoor buffs.

3.    Dania Beach:

Here comes the most beautiful and finest beaches of all— Dania Beach. Famous for families, this beach is a small-town beach scattered with lush palms, and perfectly sandwiched between sloppy hills and gleaming Atlantic. Dania Beach is a perfect place to have fun with upscale blonde escort as you can stroll the golden seashore. We can get pleasure by playing at oceanfront playgrounds like teenagers again! It is also a lovely place for hungry beachgoer who can resist from eating delicious seafood at the jetty restaurant. This beach is located south of downtown Fort Lauderdale on Federal Highway.

4.    Hollywood Beach:

Hollywood Beach— The Show’s Toper is here! It is one of the best and beloved seashores in Fort Lauderdale. It attracts millions of visitors every year because of its immense beauty and the fun it offers. It homes miles of super-clean, beautiful and attractive coastline which is surrounded by 1920s—era Broadwalk, an extremely famous attraction which stretches to 2-1/2miles up and down the coast. That is name as America’s Top 10 Nostalgic Boardwalks by “USA TODAY.” So yes, no doubt you can find a lot of charm and countless activities at this paradise. Whether you love a water park or playing paddleball, yoga classes, or live concerts, these names are just a few of the abundant activities that you can find here.

What’s more? Well, you can never have enough when it comes to tasty dining options. Beachside shopping and a lot of sunbeds trust me you are going to have great fun out there.

5.    Pompano Beach:

Pompano Beach is one of the best Florida Beaches with warmest clean water. The visitors here can enjoy full sun, with satisfying water waves all over. You can find saltwater fish in the area of water. The best part of this beach is it offers sugary beach for sunbathing, and a large offshore reef for perfect diving. One can never have enough when it comes to beauty. This is also known as a moonlit ocean. So, if you are thinking to give surprise to your Fort lauderdale escort, then nothing can beat the beauty of this fantastic beach. After touring as an upscale, blonde escort, I like to come home to Florida and wind down here.

6.    John U. Lloyd Beach State Park:

We know not all people love to visit crowed beaches that is fine because we have John U. Lloyd Beach, State Park. This beach is peaceful, and offer you uncrowded. It stretches to North of Dani beach and South of downtown. This 251-acre super-wide island is an excellent place to have fun. You can have scuba dive here, can have fun at the sun-drenched beach. This beautiful park is the most fantastic sea turtle nesting sites. You can have a plethora of beauty here to admire. If you are a true nature lover, then trust me, this beach is what you need to visit with your family.

7.    Fort Lauderdale Beach:

Here comes the super-beautiful and chic destination of one of the best Broward County’s Blue Wave Beaches. This wonderful beach stretches four miles across to public coastline, backed by a colorful array of exclusive shops, cafes, and amazing entertainment venues. You can never have enough here in terms of everything. Hey, do you need condominium options too? Well, this place never disappoints its visitors. You can have the finest luxurious condominium options here. It is also known for having a break party zone for college students, and as a perfect place to swim and dive. It is a perfect sporting destination for those who love Jet Ski, snorkel and love to dive in superbly crystal-clear water. So have fun here with delicious food and a lot of activities to perform.

Final Words:

So what are you waiting for? I hope this article will help you know the top best beaches in Fort Lauderdale and why these are so famous. I wish you good luck for your next trip to any of these beaches this summer and hope to meet you in Fort Lauderdale after I’ve returned from my time as a touring upscale blonde escort.

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